Bethlehem Matrimonial - Terms of Service

When you seek to register, it is understood that you agree to abide by the terms of service laid down by Bethlehem Matrimonial.

Essentially this agreement is based on our trust in God as well as our trust in each other. In the event of any differences cropping up anytime later, it is expected that genuine efforts will be made by both the parties to sort them out mainly through open and constructive communication.

You are requested to read the rest of the terms, and the fee structure, to have a clear understanding of the services provided by Bethlehem Matrimonial:

  • That Bethlehem Matrimonial is a Publishing and Information Exchange Service, exclusively for the members registered with Bethlehem Centre for Research and Family Development.
  • That is a facility made available to Christian brides and grooms registered with Bethlehem Matrimonial. This website is not a fully automated service. Bethlehem Matrimonial provides personalised support by way of regular communication with the registered members and also by way of providing counselling, mediating and other follow-up services. Both the parties not only understand this truth but agree to receive and reciprocate communication from each other.
  • That the Bethlehem Matrimonial website is strictly for matrimonial purpose only and is not a dating/social networking website.
  • That the parents are free to register their wards only when they have the consent of the candidates concerned for availing themselves of Bethlehem Matrimonial service.
  • That the candidates are free to register their profile with the knowledge of their parents/guardian and shall submit the contact telephone numbers of the parents/guardian.
  • That the service shall be used for finding a marriage alliance exclusively for the person whose profile is registered with Bethlehem Matrimonial. Therefore you are expected to make an undertaking that you will not use the information collected from Bethlehem Matrimonial for any person other than the registered candidate or for any commercial purpose.
  • That the registration is not transferable under any circumstance and it is valid only for the prescribed period. The candidate can re-register by remitting the re-registration fee before the due date.
  • That the registered members can get the contact details of the matching candidates from the opposite gender only.
  • That in case the profile submitted turns out to be false or there is any difficulty in contacting the candidate at the given address, telephone number or email, Bethlehem Matrimonial reserves the right to cancel the registration.
  • That if you are away or unable to visit Bethlehem Matrimonial office, you could register your profile online. Still you are encouraged to directly communicate with the head office of Bethlehem Matrimonial at Ernakulam regarding any matter related to its matrimonial services.
  • That Bethlehem Matrimonial provides temporary membership at its own discretion for a limited period, and necessary facilities are made available for the candidate to check if matching profiles are available.
  • That online registration shall be activated only after the receipt of your complete profile, a set of your photos, photo ID and valid email ID. The profile may be upgraded to premium status, if convinced about the availability of matching profiles by remitting the prescribed payment.
  • That the candidates shall provide the contact details of their parents for verification purpose.
  • That Bethlehem Matrimonial will include the details of all registered candidates on its website.
  • That Bethlehem Matrimonial shall publish the photo and brief profile of the candidate in its monthly magazine ‘Bethlehem News’ or any other publication which is considered suitable by Bethlehem Matrimonial.
  • That Bethlehem Matrimonial shall send you the monthly photo directory to your correspondence address for the subscribed period, and continue to send as per your membership scheme.
  • That Bethlehem Matrimonial shall permit you to search only the candidates of the opposite gender and leave you free to select suitable matches. You can get the full details and contact information of such candidates only if they are found to be matching yours. (Example : Negative age and negative height)
  • That Bethlehem Matrimonial proposes alliances only at the initiative of one of the parties. You are required to identify suitable matches from the matrimonial website and communicate directly. Bethlehem shall mediate and give you necessary feedback on request for your desired proposals.
  • That Bethlehem Matrimonial does not authenticate any information submitted by the members unless specifically stated. You are therefore requested to verify credentials and information provided by other users.
  • That the profiles registered with Bethlehem Matrimonial shall be made available to other registered members with minimum restriction. Bethlehem Matrimonial shall provide a confidential status for those who insist, and they will enjoy some restrictions on the visibility of their profiles. However it is not feasible to provide absolute confidentiality.
  • That Bethlehem Matrimonial conducts Vaivahika Sangamam in different parts of India. You are most welcome to attend the programme. A participation fee will be charged for attending Vaivahika Sangamam, depending on the place where it is conducted. Sangamam schedule is published on Bethlehem Matrimonial website and in its publications.
  • That online payment is made available through Online Payment Gateway. Your financial information is submitted at the secured site of Payment Gateway ‘’. The privacy policy of the service provider banks shall be applicable and binding when you use this facility.
  • That Bethlehem Matrimonial neither seeks nor accepts any commission, donation or any kind of gifts for facilitating marriages.
  • That you agree to inform Bethlehem Matrimonial as soon as your marriage is fixed so that your profile can be removed from its active list. Bethlehem Matrimonial reserves the right to disable your profile, if the marriage is fixed and announced.
  • That Bethlehem Matrimonial will be happy to publish your wedding photo on its website or in its magazine. Bethlehem Matrimonial will also publish your family photo when you are blessed with children.
  • That you agree to comply with all the etiquettes and rules regarding user conduct on the Internet and acceptable content.
  • That Bethlehem Matrimonial reserves the right to modify the terms of services when it is considered necessary.
  • website is deemed to be based in Ernakulam, Kerala, India and any activities carried out at Bethlehem Matrimonial website are deemed to have occurred in Ernakulam, Kerala, India. The user hereby consents to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of courts in Ernakulam, Kerala, India.
I confirm my intent to enter into a matrimonial alliance as a registered candidate by utilising the facilities provided by Bethlehem Matrimonial
and agree to inform Bethlehem Matrimonial and cancel this profile as soon as the candidate’s marriage is fixed.
The information submitted to Bethlehem Matrimonial is true to the best of my knowledge and I agree to provide the supporting documents
whenever requested.
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