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How to start

Who is eligible for joining Bethlehem Matrimonial?

Bethlehem Matrimonial provides a platform for arranged marriages in the Kerala Christian Community. Brides and grooms with the consent of their parents or parents with the consent of their wards are only eligible to register on this website.

Our website is meant only for finding alliance for brides and grooms who are registered on the website as per the terms of services laid down. Unacceptable, obscene or demeaning content is not allowed in the profiles or in the matrimonial communications which are carefully monitored by Bethlehem Matrimonial. Remember that site is not a dating site or a social media platform.

A proposal message to other members through Bethlehem Matrimonial message system is not a private communication. Bethlehem Matrimonial reserves absolute right not only to access all forms of communication done on the website but also to disable any content if it is found unacceptable.

How accurate are the profiles available on the website?

A profile is submitted with an undertaking that it is true to the best of his/her knowledge and he / she is willing to produce relevant documents whenever requested. All users are advised to verify the accuracy of the matching profile at their own initiative before making any commitment. Bethlehem Matrimonial verifies only the telephone number and the email ID of the member. We also send our magazine to the address provided by the member to verify if it is right.

What needs to be done if a profile is found false?

Government of India has cautioned against fraudsters who pretend to seek alliance and ask for money or favours from unsuspecting brides or grooms. Bethlehem Matrimonial requests the members to be cautious about such attempts and advise them to report to both the law enforcing authorities and Bethlehem Matrimonial.

It is now mandatory for each new profile to submit a photo ID. The old profiles are in the process of submitting their ID proofs. We are also going to highlight a request to Upload ID in each old profile. The ID proof is exclusively for the reference of Bethlehem Matrimonial, and it will not be shared with anyone else.

Before finalising a proposal, the member has the right to seek supporting documents from the other party to prove his or her credentials. Remember that each member has agreed to the terms of service to produce necessary supporting documents when required.


How do I register my profile?

To register your profile, you need to visit, do a quick search and check if there are matching profiles in the system. If you are satisfied, click the register button, read the terms of service, and select the additional check boxes to agree to the terms of service. Only then you can submit your profile as a free member.

All marked fields must be filled with facts. Submitting any fake information will result in the rejection of your profile.

A verification email will be sent to your email ID. You need to open the email and click the activation link to complete the email verification. Only after this process, you will get a profile ID with the prefix 'TMP'.

In case you are settled abroad, there must be one contact person in India and his/her mobile number need to be submitted.

You also need to upload at least one photo and the image of a Valid ID card of the candidate. Bethlehem Matrimonial does not approve profiles without photo and photo ID Card. Also, your profile will not be approved without a contact person in India and an ID proof of the candidate issued in India.

During the working hours, the verification team from Bethlehem will call your contact numbers and talk to the person responsible for using the website facilities and handling the proposal. We shall also clarify any doubts she/he could have about our website and services. If the profile is submitted by the candidate, we need to talk to the candidate’s parents or the guardian.

Based on the evaluation made after making the verification call, your profile will be approved and displayed in the search results of other members. If they are interested in your profile, they have a provision to send ‘Express Interest’ to you.

You can also start using Bethlehem Matrimonial website as a free member for the prescribed period. If someone sends you an Expression of Interest, it will be visible in your inbox when you log in to our Matrimonial website. You will also be notified by email and by SMS if the mobile number is registered in India. You can accept any Expression of Interest by replying ‘Like to Proceed’, or reject by replying ‘Unable to Proceed’. If you are not replying, it will be considered as an impolite gesture. The system will then close the proposal.

During this period, you can do advanced searches and select suitable profiles to send ‘Express Interest’. Other party can also accept or reject your Expression of Interest. If the other party is a paid member and is interested in your proposal, they can get your contact details from our Matrimonial through email and they can contact you. A free member is not eligible to get the contact details of any other member.

If you have any proposal with the status ‘Like to Proceed’, and you wish to contact them directly, you need to remit the registration fee and become a premium member. However, if you are convinced at the first instance that you have suitable proposals, you may remit the fee and become a premium member as soon as you get the TMP number.

Can I register directly at Bethlehem Office?

Yes, if you are convinced that Bethlehem Matrimonial has suitable profiles matching yours, you could visit any of our offices, remit the fee and register as a premium member. You also need to submit the required details of the candidate, photo, ID proof, and complete the mobile and email verification. If you do not have access to the Internet and Bethlehem Matrimonial website, you cannot use our service.

Free membership cannot be done at Bethlehem Matrimonial Office. (Bethlehem Matrimonial Offices are at Ernakulam (HO), Angamaly, Irinjalakkuda, Thrissur, Kottayam, Changanacherry, Pala, Kanjirappilly and Thiruvananthapuram. You can get the addresses from our website.)

Bethlehem Matrimonial has neither any Field Agents and VPPs nor the practice of taking Commissions and Donations. Beware of frauds who visit houses and collect small or big amounts by misusing the goodwill of Bethlehem Matrimonial. If you are approached by any such person, kindly contact Mr George Kadankavil, Director, Bethlehem Matrimonial at 9249392518.

Can I Make Corrections in My Profile?

Irrespective of Free Membership or Paid Membership, you can edit your profile information or change photographs any time you wish. This will be made visible only after the approval of Bethlehem Matrimonial. This is done during working hours only.

Could I extend the validity period of free membership?

Yes, you could send us a request by email or SMS. Approval of such request is at the discretion of the Director of Bethlehem Matrimonial.

How do I login?

You can login using your profile ID or email ID, and the password in the respective columns and then click login button.

What should I do in the event of forgetting the user ID or password?

In login page, there is a link ‘Forgot Password?’ Click on it and it will ask for your registered email ID or profile ID, then click ‘Send Password’. Password will be sent to the registered email ID. Or you can call Bethlehem Matrimonial and request to send password to your registered mobile number in India.

Search Options

What are the different types of search?

Quick Search
Profession Search
Education search
Religious search
Advanced Search
Born and educated area search.

What is Quick Search?

In Quick Search, you can look for profiles of opposite gender by giving only the age, height, marital status as your constraints.

What is Profession Search?

Besides the constraints of Quick Search, you can also add profession as a constraint and search for suitable profiles.

Same way, the suitable constraint applies for Education Search, Born and educated area search and Religious Search.

What is Advanced Search?

It is a detailed search in which you can put constraints of Quick Search + constraints of Professional Search + Education + Religion + Workplace + Birth Place + Educated Area + Family Roots + Complexion + more criteria.

Could I search the profiles of the same gender?

No, you cannot search the profiles of the same gender. You are permitted to search only the profiles of the opposite gender.

Could a non-member view a particular profile?

No, a non-member cannot view the full details. But they can make a broad search from Home Page and view a basic profile and the photos in the gallery of limited number of profiles.

Interest Message

How do I send personalised messages of interest?

When you click Express Interest button, there is an option to send Custom message.

How do I know if my message of interest has been accepted?

You will get a notification if they accept your interest. You need to log in to your home page and click ‘messages’ box. Here you can see the status of your proposal.

Could I decline the interest from a member which I have already accepted?

Yes, you have the option to decline the interest from a member even if you have already accepted.

Could I cancel a message of interest wrongly sent?

Yes, you can withdraw a proposal within two hours of sending. Thereafter SMS and email alerts will be sent to the other party; hence it is not possible to withdraw.

Is it possible to send a message of interest to a member who has already declined it?

It is technically possible if your intention is to impress the other party and win their respect and affection. If sending more details could help, you have the option to send a custom message. Or you can ask Bethlehem Matrimonial to pass on the additional information.

Could I send another message of interest to the same member?

Only one Expression of Interest is allowed. If both are paid members, you can send as many as custom messages as necessary.


What are the different modes of payment?

Online payment (Via
Pay at Federal bank
NEFT to Federal bank
Direct payment
Demand Draft

How do I make the payment through bank?

Get Bethlehem Matrimonial bank account details from the site, log in to your Internet banking, add Bethlehem Matrimonial as beneficiary, and transfer online. (NEFT)

Could I make the payment at your office directly?

Yes, you can remit the prescribed fees at Bethlehem Matrimonial Offices are listed in the ‘Contact Us’ page: Ernakulum (HO), Angamaly, Irinjalakkuda, Thrissur, Kottayam, Changanacherry, Pala, Kanjirappilly, and Thiruvananthapuram.

Could I make the payment through my credit card?

Yes, you can use the option to pay online, or you can pay via using your credit card.

Profile Update

How can I add a photo to my profile?

Click Manage Photo option on Home Page and upload photos from your computer. Maximum Upload image size is 1 MB or you can email it to [email protected]

What does photo approval mean?

All photos are made visible only after crosschecking the relevance and image quality of the uploaded image by Bethlehem Matrimonial.

Are there restrictions on my profile modification?

No, you can modify your profile but it will be visible only after Bethlehem Matrimonial approves it. You could state your merits but refrain from discriminating others. You could include your preferences but refrain from excluding others in the name of caste, creed, profession, and nativity.

Bethlehem News

What is Bethlehem News?

'Bethlehem News' is a monthly e-magazine which includes photos and profiles of new candidates registered in the past one month along with interesting literary works. It also encompasses a collection of Wedding Photos and Family Photos of our members and well- wishers. The book reaches all our active members every month to ensure that the profiles of our new candidates are widely circulated in appropriate places.

If I fail to receive Bethlehem News, what should I do?

If you have not received the Bethlehem News e-magazine in your email by the 3rd of the month, please check the 'My Home' page of your profile to see the link to the latest magazine.

How can I publish my photo in the magazine?

Only paid profiles are published in the magazine.

How many times can I publish my photo in the magazine?

Bethlehem News publishes your photo only once. Thereafter you can go for more insertions at the rate of Rs. 1000 per insertion.


How can I block a candidate's profile?

You can block a candidate’s profile only if you have a valid reason. You can inform the Director about the issue and at the discretion of the Director, access to your profile by another member can be blocked.

Identity Documents

What is about user agreement?

When you seek to register, it is understood that you agree to abide by the terms of service laid down by Bethlehem Matrimonial. User agreement will help to create a better understanding about the services provided by Bethlehem Matrimonial.

Why should I submit my identity documents? Is there any chance of misuse of the documents?

As per the advisory on functioning of Matrimonial Web sites in accordance with The Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules made there under, Bethlehem Matrimonial need to collect any of the following Identity Document issued by India like Driving license/Aadhar Card/Voters ID and Passport for Non-residential Indians. The ID proof is exclusively for the reference of Bethlehem Matrimonial and law enforcement authorities, and it will not be shared with any other members.

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